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inspection team during Eurofighter take off, Rostock Lage airbase, Germany

military role player, urban warfare training camp Hammelburg, Germany

german forces on foot patrol, Marmal Mountains, East of Mazar eh Sharif, Afghanistan

military funeral, 5 soldiers died in Afghanistan combat mission, Bremen, Germany

private on a light battle tank, infantry training ground, preparing for Afghanistan mission, Oberlausitz, Germany

ATALANTA Anti pirat mission in the Gulf of Aden, flight deck exercise shooting on german battleship Karlsruhe

Sniper, urban warfare training camp, preparing for Afghanistan mission, Lehnin, Germany

Leopard tank crew member with heavy gun ammunition in the forest of Oberlausitz tank training area, Germany

german Luftwaffe helicopter patrol flight on a KFOR mission near Pristina, Kosovo

charging ammunition, on air defence tank, Germany

ATALANTA, anti pirat mission in the gulf of Aden, rescue surch light inspection of suspicous fischer boat on german battleship Karlsruhe

tank rescue and recovering unit, Oberlausitz, Germany,

anti airplane machine gun training session, Baltic sea, Denmark

rescue diver on a german battle ship, Baltic sea, Denmark

anti airplane machine gun training session, Baltic sea, Denmark