picture etc / HGB gallery
It is often private photos or random snapshots, which are published in mass print media on the occasion of spectacular accidents. In their triviality and privacy, these anonymous images seem to be permeated by a deeper reality. The face of the individual, which is dragged into the media light of the public, becomes a public, the more so as the faces of the other pictureactors have been rendered unrecognizable by pixels, black bars. This reality effect is a further artifice in the transformation of a simple amateur picture into the illusion of a future crime or a process of historical importance
I am pursuing two objectives with this work; On the one hand, i try to enter into the structure of such a recording, to illuminate it from the inside, and to reconstruct the magic of the real, which seems to inhabit an amateur photo. On the other hand, with its massive multiplication, I want to create a sense of how stigmatized images are made by appropriately acquiring the media from really insignificant photographs. The final installation is the attempt to give the invisible power of these images a place of their newly gained, public significance.