the advisor / Peter Keetmann grant
Peter Keetmann grant for industrial photography

„Die Berater" Exhibition Foto Fabrik Hamburg (Kat) 2001

The ethical discourse, the decoding of the human genome and the decisions on product selection and positioning and are no longer limited to politics and the so-called ethics committee. In view of the accumulated development, which is characterized by company mergers and acquisitions and interdependencies, there are increasingly external consultants, which are used in interdisciplinary decisions. Against the backdrop of the human genome debate, these individuals persist in vulnerable anonymity and escape any attempt at fixation. (…)
The strongly horizontal images show, for example, only the legs of a group of people in bright laboratory clothes. Or a number of people who have sat around a square conference table. Always the setting is extremely blurred, the contours blurred, the situation in the wordless completely opaque. (Catalog text)