DerEid / The Oath book

>> der Eid / the oath <<

on triple violent division

a photographic examination of the visual essence of the concept of state The photographic project “sing to the glory of future“, deals with the question of what makes a democratic state system actually. Contrary to stereotypical assumptions that it is a rigid apparatus that works according to fixed rules, which are dictated by the head of state or the ruling party, every state is a breathing, living entity, that is kept running by the „state servants“. I look for these protagonists and approach them in their respective surroundings with the traditional means of portrait photography. My photographic research is not aimed at the documentary image of the individual, but I am looking for questionable generalities, gestures, looks, and postures that connects the “public servants” across borders and ideologies. At the same time, my images, with their introspective, anti-heroic staging, offer a contrast to the classical portrait of power and history – and a critical examination of the iconography of state power. For the project >> der Eid / the oath << I followed exemplary mayors, judges, and police officers during their working days, world wide.

kindly supported by Grenzgänger Stipendium Robert Bosch Stiftung, Kulturwerk der VG Bild Kunst Bonn