"we lift"

“The photographs in this book do not show a world with cranes, but rather the world OF cranes, and of the humans who turn these monsters into useful machines. This is a genre of photography known as the industrial documentary. (…) We smell the oil and hear the grinding sound of the winches; we sense the risk of what might happen should something go wrong. But we also see the people with clean hands sitting at their desks, taking care of the logistical background and providing work for those operating the cranes. We experience the cosmos of a crane company and we see the life lived by a crane family – with its proverbial highs and lows.” (Andreas Herzau)

After “Der Tod kommt später, vielleicht” (2011), winner of the 2013 German Photo Book Award in Silver, “Maxikraft” is Jörg Gläscher’s second photo book.