my project "echoland, the wrestling on europe" was presented at the Festspielhaus Hellerau.


With his work Echoland, photographer Jörg Gläscher looks behind the scenes of one of the largest political institutions in the world: he shows the struggle for Europe in the halls of the EU Parliament, in the offices of the EU Commission or in the lobby of the EU Council. Decisions for millions of people are made there: The photos show the discussion and debate, the strategic planning and weighing up - the struggle for Europe. This view of the bureaucratic apparatus is expanded by taking pictures of the places where Europe has wrestled with one another or where the wars have left their mark. There are landscapes that tell of historical battles with bunker systems and tank barriers or like the traces of refugees in Calais that point to very recent conflicts. There are disturbing places like the concentration camp in Lublin or places in Poland that remind of the developments of the democracy movement.

Echoland combines the European past with the present, the negotiation of diplomacy and the lively present of European memory.


The exhibition is part of the B-Europe festival and is supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation's Cross-Border Support Program.