“a wave is a periodic oscillation or one-time disturbance change in the state of a system”

Observations are manifold, individual, not directly transferable and can be experienced in many different ways. A perceived object can generate impact in numerous ways. Is it standing still? Has it moved? Nothing is ever as it seems. 

Are appearances therefore deceptive? No, they are not necessarily deceptive, but they join me on a journey, wash over me, swirl through me, make me anxious, retreat, and then rush towards me all over again. “But that can’t be” says the left, “but I see and feel it” says the right half of my brain. 
I can go through them, stop them, touch them, but everything comes to a standstill and goes no further. I have to let it go. Standing up, the second wave rolls over me. It is unique, it was unique. I lift my head, take it by the hand and recognise the vibration and the recurring sensation, and with it the fear disappears. Should it come, I will be ready.